Today, wigs are becoming more and more popular because it can provide people with more hairstyle solutions. In order to meet people’s pursuit of fashion, they are more inclined to choose wigs. However, there may be a problem that plagues some wig wearers who often wear wigs, namely the wig falling out. This is usually caused by careless maintenance, which can make wigs thinner and thinner, especially front lace wigs. However, there are actually tricks to stop hair fall.

Wig falling out is one of the biggest concerns for wig wearers. VINISAY HAIR STORE only sells 100% human hair, so shedding is normal, predictable, and acceptable. Just like our own hair, it is inevitable that there will be shedding when washing or blowing hair. Falling off can mean a poorly made wig. With proper maintenance and daily care, shedding can be stopped and the lifespan of your wig can be extended.

Tip 1 Don’t scratch your head and use a knot sealer
Lace wigs are hand tied, which means the hair at the bottom of its strands can be very fragile. In order to prevent hair loss, wigs need careful care. Try not to scratch your head while wearing the wig, as this may loosen the knots on the wig and cause hair loss.

Also, you can use a knot sealer to tighten knots to prevent hair loss. It is recommended to reseal the knots on the wig after each wash.

Tip 2 Proper grooming technique
Combing is very important to keep your hair tangled, but over-combing or using the wrong brush can also cause hair to fall out. When brushing your hair, it is best to use a paddle comb with wider teeth. Direction is also important when brushing your hair. It is recommended to comb the hair in small sections from the tips to the roots. More importantly, don’t brush your hair while it’s wet. Be sure to brush your hair thoroughly and gently, but not excessively.

Tip 3 Minimize thermal styling
Although heat styling tools are available for many human hair wigs, it is always correct to make sure these tools are cold. Also, reduce the frequent use of thermal styling tools, such as curling irons and flat irons. Overheating can increase hair loss or even worse, damage the wig.

Tip 4 Use gentle hair care products
In addition to regularly moisturizing your lace wig to keep it from drying out, you should choose your hair care products carefully and use less chemicals. Avoid products that contain chemicals or alcohol, which are not helpful in hair care and only cause hair to fall out and dry out. They can damage the hair cuticle and even damage the lace base of the wig.

Tip 5 Don’t sleep with a wig on
Wearing wigs to bed is generally not recommended as this can cause wigs to become tangled, frizzy or dry. So, taking off the wig before going to bed is the right choice. There are several ways you can sleep in a wig without damaging it, however, the process is a lot more tedious than simply removing the wig.

If you are more careful with your wig, you can stop your wig from falling out completely. If you don’t know which wig to buy, VINISAY has plenty of stylish options.

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