Wig is not only convenient to change hairstyle at any time not only, it is the Gospel of the crowd of the hair quantity is less, hair loss more, but the quality of the wig on the market is uneven, how to choose the wig that suits oneself? The first is the wig material, mainly including chemical fiber silk and real hair two kinds, and then is the wig to meet the personal temperament, its color, style are exquisite; and different people are suitable for the wig is also different.Below I will talk about a few big wig shopping tips, but don’t miss oh.

Which material is good for the wig:

  • Real hair: it is made by processed real hair, its fidelity is high, feel and true hair no two different, and not easy to knot, can bake, dye, hot, convenient change hairstyle. But the price of real hair is higher, and need to be carefully maintained.
  • Chemical fiber silk: it is made of chemical fiber, which can be divided into low temperature filament, high temperature filament, and protein filament. Low temperature silk is mainly used for shaping, making fake bangs; high temperature silk is mainly used for making curly hair style; protein silk feel close to real hair, more fidelity.
  • Purchase skills: full true people hair wig and their own hair integrated, high fidelity, but more expensive, suitable for people with good family conditions to choose; want to pursue reality, and want affordable optional real hair and chemical fiber silk mixed woven wig; if only occasionally want to change the hair or cosplay, you can directly choose chemical fiber silk material wig, affordable, hair style.

Difference between wig process:

  • Full mechanism process:
  • Sewing method: the treated hair with the machine sewing on the hair net, the direction of the hair is consistent.
  • Process characteristics: all production processes are processed by machine, low cost, low fidelity, poor air permeability.
  • Local hand weaving or semi-hand weaving technology:
  • Sewing method: it means that part is made by hand, part is made by machine, and this wig looks very natural.
  • Process characteristics: high fidelity, good air permeability, high cost performance, suitable for spring and autumn days to wear.
  • Full hand weaving process:
  • Sewing method: the fiber is hand-sewn on the hair net, hair quantity and hair flow direction according to the number of planted hair root, net preparation method to make.
  • Process features: the use of simulated scalp, light, realistic, breathable, comfortable, suitable for wearing all the year round.

Look at the skin color and choose the wig color:

  • Wigs color should choose the color that suits oneself skin color, or the color like oneself original hair color, so that just natural lifelike。
  • White skin color: hair color choice is wrong, easy to look pale and unhealthy face, can choose light brown red, light coffee color this kind of red and very soft color wig, let the face look more ruddy and shiny.
  • Yellow skin color: you can choose natural black and light coffee color and other dark color system, can make partial yellow skin show a lot of white, do not suggest to choose yellow department wig, will show skin color yellow.
  • Natural skin color: This skin color looks healthy and shiny, and it also has a big room for hair color choice, such as yellow, brown red, wine red, dark purple, deep coffee and other color wigs are very suitable.
  • Slant black skin color: skin pigmentation precipitation is serious, can make skin color see when go dull and have no luster, should choose the wig of a few natural black, brown and yellow color foil, can make facial face bright rise.

Look at the face shape and choose a wig hairstyle.

Choose a wig suitable for the face can modify the face, but also can achieve the effect of small face.

  • Long face: can choose in long curly wave type, the wig that takes bangs, can shorten the face shape on the vision, curly hair can increase elegant feeling again.
  • Round face: you can choose the shoulder-length BOBO head wig with more head hair volume, which can visually weaken the width of the round face, showing a more thin face.
  • Oval face: can choose a few bangs four six points or 37 points seam, integral big wave type wig, make smooth line foil at the lower palate, can make the whole face look vivid and have streamline feeling.
  • Square face: optional chin fluffy slightly curly short hair, with a wig with oblique bangs, can modify the shape of the face, make the face softer.
  • Diamond face: the choice of medium and long hairstyle is more suitable, especially the forehead part is a little fluffy, the lower jaw is also some plump hairstyle, so that the overall feeling will be very coordinated. Avoid short hair, because flat looks can make the chin look very sharp.
  • Goose oval face: goose oval face does not have what facial drawback, can suit a variety of different hairstyles, need to accord with oneself temperament only when choosing a wig.

How do different groups of people choose it.

  • Ms:Fashion women can choose a picky wig, used to increase the fashion, but also choose bangs wigs, to create a different hairstyle; wig cover is more variable hairstyle, suitable for women who want to often change the hairstyle and their hair is not very good.
  • Men: For men with less hair volume, the overhead wig can be used to increase the hair volume; and for men suffering from hair loss, they can choose a wig suitable for their temperament, convenient and young.
  • Middle-aged and old people: middle-aged and old people mostly can have hair gray, recommend the wig headgear that chooses short hair design, good care, and young

Guide to different styles. 

  • Short curly hair wig: short curly hair modification face shape effect is quite good, whether it is a round face or a Chinese character face, short curly hair can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, facial features are more three-dimensional sense. Want good to control the style to choose the big roll short hair of air bangs, want Korean wind temperament to choose the short roll hair wig of small wave corn hot.
  • Short straight wig: short straight wig is improved by BOBO, the sense of affinity is very strong, more suitable for oval face, inverted triangle face and face is relatively small girls.
  • Long curly hair wig: medium point long straight hair wig can better modify the face shape, suitable for larger face girls to choose; and long to the shoulder of the long straight hair wig better control, do not pick people.
  • Long straight hair wig: the curl radian of big wave radian, integral hairstyle shows wen Wan atmosphere more, do rise also relatively easy. Like Korean style of optional brown department long curly hair wig, girl sense is stronger; and wine red department long curly hair wig is more suitable for mature royal elder sister

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