Why Should You Choose Human Hair Wigs

Wigs can be divided into several materials. Different material has a different effect, and their quality is also different. Women’s demand for wigs is relatively large. Although they are often exposed to various wigs, many wig lovers are still difficult to distinguish between human hair wigs and artificial wigs.

In fact, the difference between human hair wigs and artificial wigs is easy to recognize. In short, human hair wigs are from human hair. If the wearer does not actively admit it, others will not usually find that she is wearing a wig. However, artificial wigs do not have such excellent fidelity.

In addition, wigs can be divided into human hair, chemical fiber and human hair mixed with chemical fiber. Human hair wigs are real and natural, and it is easier to blend with your own hair. However, on the other hand, the color of hair, the correspondence between hair style and face shape, the matching between size and head circumference, and the sense of age also has an impact on the wearing visuals. In addition, wearing wigs is a very common thing, but if you want to wear wigs chronically, and wear wigs beautifully and healthily, there are still many taboos to pay attention to. But if you don’t want to trouble, you can just go for a human hair wig. Human hair wigs are made of human hair, so you don’t have to worry about their authenticity and naturalness. Moreover, it is highly breathable and easy to use, and can withstand such activities as blowing, washing, ironing and dyeing, and daily sports.

The Difference Between Human Hair Wigs And Artificial Wigs


Is easy to install, glueless lace wig with baby hair, natural hair line with pre plucked.


As the artificial wigs are made of artificial chemical fiber, it is relatively thick. The weight of real human hair itself is much lighter than artificial chemical fiber, so the human hair wigs are much lighter than the artificial wigs.


Wearing the artificial wigs, you will feel uncomfortable on the scalp, the edge fusion is unnatural, and it is also easy to slide when fixed on the head. The human hair wigs are fully fitted to the scalp, without the above-mentioned problems.


Because the artificial wigs are made of artificial fiber silk, the cost is low. The human hair wigs are made of real human hair, which is difficult to collect, so the cost is relatively high.

4、Static Electricity

The artificial wigs are made of a kind of artificial chemical fiber, and it is particularly easy to generate static electricity, so your wigs look irritable and unnatural. The human hair wigs are made of real human hair, which are the same as normal human hair, so they are not easy to generate static electricity, and look very smooth and soft.

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How To Tell Human Hair Wigs From Artificial Wigs

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Choose a small pinch of hair and light it, then smell it. Human hair will smell like barbecue when burning, while artificial wigs with heat resistant silk will smell like plastic when burning. It is easy to distinguish by burning.

Look at the ashes after burning. The Human hair will turn to powder after burned, while the artificial hair with heat resistant filament will cake.

The maximum temperature of the heat resistant silk is 180 ℃ to 200 ℃. Therefore, you can choose a small pinch of hair, preheat the straight clip or curling stick to the highest temperature – 220 ℃, and then straighten or bend the hair. The burnt ones were artificial wigs with heat resistant silk, while the ones without burnt are real human hair wigs.

Undetectable Invisible Lace Water Wave 13x4 Frontal Lace Wig

After reading this blog, do you know more about wigs? And do you know how to distinguish human wigs from artificial wigs? As a practitioner in the wig industry, the blogger sincerely suggests wig lovers to choose real human hair wigs when buying wigs. This is not only about your wearing comfort, but also about your scalp health. At the same time, the blogger also hopes that every wig lovers can polish your eyes when buying real wigs and not be deceived by fake products that are shoddy.

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